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The Company has engaged Menustrust Limited, a Cyprus company, as Administrator to provide certain financial, accounting, administrative and other services to the Company. The Administrator provides, subject to the overall direction of the Company's Board, administrative services and corporate secretarial services.

Pursuant to a Corporate Services Agreement between the Administrator and the Company, the Administrator will be responsible, inter alia, for the following matters under the general supervision of the Board:

  1. 1. Communicating with shareholders;
  2. 2. Maintaining the register of shares;
  3. 3. Processing subscriptions and redemptions;
  4. 4. Preparing and maintaining the Company's financial and accounting records and statements;
  5. 5. Determining the Net Asset Value of the Shares on a periodical basis;
  6. 6. Preparing accounts;
  7. 7. Arranging for the provision of accounting, clerical and administrative services;
  8. 8. Maintaining corporate records;
  9. 9. Disbursing payments of fees and expenses;
  10. 10. Maintain Company in good standing with respect to tax, accounting, audit and legal requirements of the Republic of Cyprus.

In view of the special character of certain of the Company's investments, the Administrator may, in good faith, take guidance from the Investment Manager, Investment Advisors or any specialist designated by the Board in pricing the Company's portfolio.
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