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The following contracts have been entered into by the Company (other than in the ordinary course of business) since incorporation and are, or may be, material:

  • Investment Management Agreement

    The Investment Management Agreement between the Company and the Investment Manager specifies the terms whereby the Investment Manager agrees to act as Investment Manager to the Company and, as such, is responsible for the investments of the Company's portfolio. The agreement will continue in force unless and until terminated by any party giving to the other not less than 90 days' written notice, except that this agreement may be terminated immediately by either of the parties if the other shall commit any breach of its obligations under it subject to a thirty day remedy period or go into liquidation or otherwise become insolvent. The Investment Manager is empowered under the agreement to delegate its functions, powers, discretions, privileges and duties as it deems appropriate.

  • Corporate Services Agreement

    The Corporate Services Agreement between the Company and the Administrator specifies the terms whereby the Administrator agrees to act as Administrator to the Company. The agreement will continue in force until express termination thereof and thereafter it shall be automatically renewed for successive terms of twelve months each, unless sooner terminated by 90 days written notice by either party.
  • Copies of the above contracts are available for inspection by shareholders during normal business hours at the office of the Administrator.
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